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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

"I first heard of Joe Scali from my husband who had recently started cross fit and boasted some

remarkable results in just a few months. He spoke very highly of Joe and was quite impressed with his training approach, style and overall attitude to fitness. I had been getting bored and discouraged with my own work out routine and hearing about all the different activities that happened in a cross fit class I was curious to give it a try. When I  learned of the opening of Joe and Sharan's gym right in White Rock, I got very excited. It took a tremendous amount courage and a lot of deep breaths to walk through the front door that first day, but I did, and it dramatically changed the direction of my life.

Though I was a competitive swimmer in the past and grew up with regular fitness as part of my life it became less and less over the years. In the last 10 years or so, I was mostly relying on running a few times a week and some home work out videos for my fitness.  I sincerely thought that I had a good routine. I ate fairly well (though I enjoyed wine and fine dining regularly) I tried to avoid heavy carb meals like pasta and did my best to stay away from processed and fast food. Needless to say through my 30s I began to feel less and less satisfied with my body and started to gain weight instead of losing or maintaining it. This became quite depressing and frustrating.

My first session at Semiahamoo Athletic Club was on the first Saturday they opened this past January. I did a fitness test with Joe and weighed in at 167 lbs! Yikes. I don't own a scale at home and I was a little surprised. Though my pants were getting quite tight so I guess it really was not that shocking. I don't remember the exact scores from the fitness test, however I do recall feeling somewhat embarrassed, awkward, off balance, and week! These feelings did not last more than the first half hour or so as both Joe and Sharan encouraged me to do what I could and made me feel that every wee push up was amazing!

Right away I was introduced to Sharan's nutrition planning. She spent quite a bit of time with me learning about what I was eating and discussed my goals. In just a few sessions she taught me about what my body really needed for fuel and how many calories I should be eating on work out and non work out days. She created a simple and easy plan that was suited to the foods I enjoyed and taught me how to properly balance carbs, proteins and fats in order to lose weight and build lean muscle. Sharan wrote me several days worth of meal plans and menus and I began to follow them. As there was lots of variety and ideas of snacks, and meals I never got bored and rarely was hungry. The plan was flexible and suited to my tastes and I stuck to it! This was an essential part of my success over the last months. After 6 to 8 weeks I started to create my own meal plans and recipes and I have completely changed for good my eating habits. Oh, and I drink more water!

 After completing a few foundations classes I had learned enough to try a cross fit class. Right away I was hooked. I was doing things I never imagined I would ever do. Lifting weights?! I had never done that before! (My family used to tease me and called me t-rex because my arms were so week!) Each class consists some strength training and a focus work out... the WOD...This is what my exercise routine had been missing the most, strength training, interval training and variety. I am certain we have not done the same work out since I began and I am constantly being challenged to reach higher and push my limits. My body now feels toned, stronger, more balanced, and more flexible. I no longer feel embarrassed, or shy about what I do. I most definitely do not feel week. Last week I back squatted 125 lbs, and I can lift 105 on a front squat. Recently I did a pull up too and I am getting solid scores regularly with an RX beside them. This may not sound like much but considering that I started in January just lifting the 35lb bar, well.. you get the idea. It's about your own personal best. For me, this is really something!!

Over the last few months I have gotten stronger and more confident. Every day I learn something new and I am constantly amazed at myself and what I am able to do. Along with the diet plan and doing cross fit class 4-5 times a week I have lost just over 20 lbs.   and weighed in at 145 lbs just yesterday. I feel fantastic I sleep better, have more energy and I have more clarity. This is the bonus: The internal and pride and joy in my accomplishments that has given me strength to face some tough challenges in my life.

Joining Semihamoo Athletic Club helped me at 43 years old to discover my own personal strength, confidence and power. I feel truly happy and proud of what I have accomplished in the last few months. Under Joe's exceptional training and programming and Sharan's outstanding coaching and nutrition plan I am now in the best shape I have been in years. Most of all I feel part of a community and a sense of belonging.  This was the part that I did not expect. Beginners, intermediate and experienced all training along side each other for a common purpose, to get fit, look good and feel great!  Joe and Sharan are outstanding human beings who conduct themselves with conviction and integrity. They are positive and encouraging people and they make you feel part of something special. They both are dedicated to their business as well as their own personal goals and fitness. I have never written a personal testimonial but I compelled to share my experience in hopes to inspire others to reach their goals and to put their faith in Joe and Sharan's guidance, experience and exceptional program."

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