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On October 5th, we are hosting an in-house CrossFit Competition for mixed teams of 2 (1 male & 1 female).


All proceeds from registration will go to Greater Vancouver Boys and Girls Club to support youth programs to combat substance addiction. The Swolemate Competition is for ALL levels of athletes! New CrossFitters and fire breathing competitors will be working out side by side, so you do not need to choose whether you are competing in RX or Scaled until the workouts are announced (one week prior to the competition). This competition will test your strength, conditioning and ability to strategically work as a team.There will be 3 divisions to choose from:


RX - Both teammates competing as RX

Scaled - Both teammates competing as Scaled

RX/Scaled - One teammate competes as RX, one teammates uses scaled weights/movements


Only 1 ticket purchase necessary per team ($60 total).

Swolemates CrossFit Competition