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Raw vs cooked?
In Food
Apr 03, 2019
Hey Hailee, Great question and a super common one so thanks for posting! In general, all nutrition facts are listed in the food's raw form. This is because the cooking process alters the weight of food through water evaporating or being absorbed. For example, raw meat will always shrink when cooked, but how much it shrinks depends on the method of cooking. Same goes for yams - when I bake them in the oven vs roasting them in the air fryer, the difference is substantial. Therefore, to be as accurate as possible, you would log the data for the raw weight of the food prior to cooking. That being said, it can be inconvenient to weigh raw food all the time and add another daunting step to the meal prep process. The easiest way to tackle this issue is to pick one method (weighing raw or cooked) and stay consistent with it and that will provide more than enough accuracy. Keep in mind that the FDA allows food companies to be up to 20% off in food labelling, so whatever your logging is only an estimate of your total intake at best. Remember that the purpose of weighing and logging food is to TEACH you what the correct portions look like for your unique body and goals, so don't sweat the small stuff and stick to whatever method works best for you. A few tips for more accuracy: -MFP puts green checkmarks next to “verified” entries that have the full, correct nutritional information listed (doesn’t mean that entries without check marks are inaccurate but they can be off which is why hitting your macros does not always compute to hitting your daily calorie goal - that's why I provide you with both in your programming) -Use the USDA database for accuracy and consistency on foods without labels like meat and vegetables so that you can "create a food" in your MFP and use that every time on your weekly favourite foods -If logging cooked food in a hurry, look for entries clearly labelled "grilled chicken," "boiled sweet potato," etc... Hope that helps! Thanks, Sharan Scali


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