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Owner, Personal Trainer at Semiahmoo Athletic Club and CrossFit Games Athlete


Joe Scali grew up playing hockey and continued to play College Hockey at Cornell University and went on to play professionally in Texas. With his elite background in competitive sports and his passion for training, Joe pursued a career in the fitness industry. Becoming a personal trainer, he enjoyed helping people change their lives through fitness. His passion for training and vast experience in the fitness industry led Joe to open Semiahmoo Athletic Club. Joe is a CFP Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, TRX Certified Trainer, and Certified in Trigger Point Performance Therapy and Twist Conditioning.


Strength & Conditioning Plan

This 5x5 strength and conditioning program will allow you to learn the fundamental exercise knowledge to building lean muscle mass, losing excess body fat and optimizing your performance in and outside of the gym!


This plan includes: 

-A dynamic warm up (because your body won’t feel like you're 19 forever!). 

-4-5 Days of Strength & Conditioning workouts that include: 

-Compound movements (exercises that engage multiple muscle groups. You multitask at work and at home, so why not multitask in the place where it’s actually the most effective: the gym!). 

-High Intensity Interval Training and Aerobic Conditioning to decrease body fat and improve conditioning 

- Choose different conditioning workouts daily to stay excited about your training and avoid reaching a plateau (if you do the same workouts everyday, your body will adapt and you will stop seeing results!). 

-Structured schedule of Strength Training days + Conditioning Days + Rest Days to ensure optimal balance of training and recovery for best results 

-Visual instructional guide complete with movement standards and cues to ensure safety and optimal execution of the program for the best results possible. 




If you’re newer to strength or conditioning workouts, we’ve also broken down the movements and included step-by-step instructions in the exercise appendix.

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