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DNA Testing Part 2 - Analyzing the Data

Upon analyzing A TON of information through my @dnapowerinc these are my biggest findings:


-Gluten HLA DQ 2.5 gene tested moderate for Gluten Sensitivity related to Celiac Disease

-Lactose my body does NOT produce the enzyme to break down dairy 

-Salt - body doesn't metabolize it well and can give me high blood pressure (high BP runs in my family so this is useful to know)

-Sugar - ability to resist cravings is low

-Iron - body does NOT absorb iron well

-Fats are digested very well

-Carbs digestion is average (I thought it would be much better)

-Protein need is slightly higher than the avg individual


-Genes provide a good balance for both endurance and power/sprint sports (I thought I would score low on both)

-Muscle Strength is lower than avg, meaning I have to work harder than the avg individual to put on muscle mass (this I DEFINITELY knew but it's nice to know it's not just in my head!)

-Muscle Repair is high meaning that I recover from intense physical activity quickly so I can train more often than the avg individual without sacrificing my gains 


-Body does not regulate sex steroids, estrogen and androgen well (excess estrogen is toxic to the body by increasing risk of cancer, producing excess fat cells and more)


-Body does not have optimal antioxidant capabilities meaning that during times of environmental stress, reactive oxygen species levels can increase dramatically which may results in significant damage to cell structures 

METHYLATION (the on/off switch for your genes - we have the power to turn our genes on or off depending on your lifestyle. The gene could be dormant and does not necessarily manifest):

-Body has less then optimal enzyme function and plasma cobalamin levels - useful to get B12 levels tested


-Eliminate all dairy and possibly gluten :(

-Control salt intake

-Eat as little added sugar as possible

-Supplement with Iron as my body is not optimally absorbing Iron through my diet

-Adjust macros to higher fat, higher protein, moderate carb as that is what my body prefers to digest (this will be a HUGE change as I have been eating high carb/low fat for the past few years)

-Continue to supplement with strength enhancing supplements like Creatine. Possibly add in Glutamine to help preserve muscle mass while training. 

-Eat hormone free meats only, avoid pesticide sprayed produce, use glass containers over plastic, avoid bleached paper products, avoid heavy chemical cleaning products, reduce the use of solvents found in nail polish

-Reduce estrogen by supporting liver with supplements such as Milk Thistle 

-Eat more antioxidant rich foods such as berries or supplement with Vit C

-Improve methylation through supplementing with a methylated B12 Complex

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