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Recovery #SupplementSmarter

You are only as strong as your recovery game. The more sessions you can hit at 100% intensity, the faster you will improve your performance and body composition. While nutrition and lifestyle habits will make the biggest impact on your rate of recovery, a high quality supplement to SUPPLEMENT your recovery habits will provide that competitive advantage.

Inflammatone is like nature's NSAID - a powerful combination of herbs, nutrients and proteolytic enzymes for modulating the inflammatory response to recover from exercise faster and reduce joint pain, but without the side effects from pharmaceutical drugs.

I love this @designsforhealth product because instead of deteriorating your gut health, it actually contains ingredients to SUPPORT gut health by acting as a digestive enzyme. On top of all that, the antioxidant support from resveratrol prevents depletion of glutathione and protects against free radicals. Both resveratrol and quercetin support a healthy inflammatory response, adding to their ability to help protect the heart and nervous system.

I take 2 every night with dinner. Check it out at @semiahmooathleticclub

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