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How to Maintain Body Composition while Travelling Part 3/4


My workout of choice is, of course, CrossFit! You all know that I have a passion for lifting heavy things so the combination of tons of strength and some conditioning is my ideal workout format. The reason why I love taking CrossFit classes on vacation is that A) it’s a great way to meet locals who give you the best recommendations on things to do/see/eat B) I love the energy of busy classes - it instantly wakes me up and kicks me into GO mode! C) the programming is done by the gym so I all I have to do is turn my brain off and listen to the coaches - awesome for when you’re feeling hungover on vacation 😝 @crossfitwanderlust_bali exceeded my expectations in all 3 of these categories!

After we left the area near a CrossFit Gym, we only worked out in hotel style gyms with minimal equipment. Most gyms only had a set of dumbbells and the odd machine, which was enough to break a sweat. I only trained if I FELT like training, which was approximately 70% of the trip. I did body building style training as it is lower in intensity and mindless for me, over the strenuous nature of CrossFit workouts. Most sessions were 45 minutes of dumbbell strength work, and if I was feeling really

ambitious, I would throw in some body weight conditioning exercises like burpees or jumping lunges.

My body type is NOT prone to holding onto muscle mass, which is why I need to be strict with my strength training and nutrition intake to ensure that I’m eating enough to sustain my lifting volume. For that reason, my primary goal in training during this vacation was simply not to lose much muscle mass which is why I opted for a strength session over a conditioning session. The lower intensity of my workouts coupled with lower volume and more rest days than usual really gave my body a much needed stress break (yes, exercise is a stressor on the body) and I saw a visible reduction in inflammation all over my body. For all these reason, I actually dropped a little weight and felt leaner than I ever have in my entire life during this trip.

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