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The secret to REAL results!

The key to ending the yo-yo diet and exercise cycle and achieving long term, sustainable results is finding a process (creating the daily habits) that you truly enjoy rather than using the plan as a temporary intervention that only acts as a means to an end goal.

But embracing the process also means understanding that no matter how focused you are, or how hard you work, you cannot control the rate of your results. Putting a deadline on achieving your goal sets you up for failure because you perceive that your habits are not working if they are not driving major change in a short time frame. The reality is that consistency in the small daily habits may produce immeasurable results at first, but these habits lead to sustainable changes overtime that will transform your life.

Without the ability to manage your emotions when your results aren’t lining up with your expectations, the lack of desired progress leads to the mentality of throwing in the towel on all the habits because you’re not seeing instant results. And so the yo yo cycle begins.

Instead of perceiving your habits as a means to an end, focus on the creating daily habits that you actually enjoy and make them non negotiables because they enable you to thrive and help achieve your goals. Instead of focusing on weight loss, focus on eating nutrient dense foods at each meal because they give you energy and engaging in daily movement because it energizes you and promotes a deeper sleep. Instead of focusing on managing stress, engage in meditation or a long walk because it clears you mind which makes you more productive at work or happier during family time.

Focusing on the small habits that you can control, one day at a time, will add up to big results overtime.

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