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Working from home

While social distancing may have disrupted your daily routine, now is NOT the time to quit on your health and fitness goals. Focusing on the factors you CAN control - your attitude in how you respond to the situation - will allow you to adapt and grow, emerging from this quarantine stronger than ever!

Stay productive and motivated throughout the#SemiVSCOVIDChallenge with the following tips to create structure while working from home:

⚡️Start with a consistent morning routine each day. For example, brush your teeth, take a morning stroll outside while drinking your coffee. Write in a gratitude journal for 10 mins. Virtual WOD with a friend.

⚡️Have scheduled start and stop times if you are working from home.

⚡️Have a dedicated working space.

⚡️Schedule time to cook and eat (this will help avoid mindless snacking and grazing) so that you are eating mindfully instead of multitasking. Try out new recipes to make this a time to look forward to!

⚡️Schedule time for daily tasks and activities (eg. gardening and exercise) so that you stay productive in accomplishing goals.

⚡️Take breaks to go for a walk, practice deep breathing, call a friend.

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