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17.2 Strategy

When you need to perform at a high intensity, your primary source of energy comes from glycogen

stored in the muscle. Consuming carbohydrates with a low glycemic index 2-3 hours before your workout will provide you with sustained energy, rather than spiking your blood sugar and then experiencing a crash of energy in the middle of the workout. Examples of low glycemic carbs include sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, and rolled oats.

This is a quick workout, so make sure you have glucose in your blood stream 

by consuming fast digesting carbohydrates 30-60mins before the workout. The best option here would be high glycemic fruits such as bananas, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple and grapes. Stay away from fruits that ferment in the stomach like apples, mangos, peaches and pears. If you have trouble digesting food close to your workout try a sugar free carbohydrate drink mix 30-60mins before the workout (I use Generation Ucan). Check out my 17.1 fuelling strategyfor specific post workout recovery meals. 

As always, come to the workout hydrated so that you don't have to break for water. If you do have to reach for the water bottle, it's a good idea to add BCAAs and electrolytes. BCAA's act as a direct source of energy for your muscles and work via the brain to delay fatigue. Electrolytes will support muscle and nerve function and prevent muscle cramps caused by a loss of electrolytes through sweat.

Paleoethics Rebuild Recoverformula provides an all natural, raw blend of electrolytes and protein to help boost the healing process post workout with ingredients like coconut water powder, sweet potato powder, and beef protein. 


Lunges:Save your grip and let the dumbbells completely rest on your shoulders. This is where you can breathe and get your heart rate down. Step right into the next rep with a big stride to move through the lunges faster. 

Toes-to-Bar: Save your grip and break them up right off the bat. Even if you can do big sets, break it up into at least 2 sets to save your grip for the later rounds. If you can't do big sets, quick singles will be the most efficient here. Kip up, drop down, and jump right back into your next single. 

Cleans:Use your hips and legs to power this movement up, not your lower back. Keep your hips lower than your shoulders so that you can tie your shoes up tomorrow. If you are going to rest before the lunges, do 7, drop the dumbbells and then pick them up for your last rep and go straight into the lunges. 

Bar Muscle Ups:Again, break the reps up earlier than you think. You don't want to fail any reps or waste time stuck and staring at the bar. This is the heart of the workout so I hope you have been practicing these bad boys!

Good luck to everyone in 17.2!

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