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30 Day Challenge

This Monday will kick off our 30 Day Challenge with a pre-fitness test WOD! You will receive a score card to keep track of how many points you achieve each day - this is only one of the factors we will use to select the winner. Striving for consistency with these 5 principles will allow you to feel the greatest change in your health and, for those of you who are competing at CanWest, get you in the best competitive shape possible!

1. Movement

You can obtain this point by getting sweaty with us at Semiahmoo Athletic Club or using the workouts found in your download under "ScaliFit Method" or the guided mobility sessions we send out to you. You do NOT have to engage in intense exercise for 30 days - we strongly recommend taking a recovery break for at least 1-2 days each week and engaging in mobility work instead to not only allow your body to recover adequately, but also to improve your mobility and prevent injuries.

2. Hydrate

You can obtain this point by logging your water intake to ensure you are meeting your minimum requirements. Take 1/2 of your body weight and drink that in ounces daily. For example, if you weigh 150lbs, you should consume at least 75oz (9 cups) daily. Caffeinated beverages do not count, as they actually dehydrate you - so for every cup of coffee/tea/preworkout/etc... you consume, you should add a glass of water.

3. Eat real food

You can obtain this point by consuming whole, unprocessed foods only. You can find examples of these foods under the "Shopping List" portion of your download. Need a little inspiration on how to incorporate these foods into your diet? Check out the "Meal Prep Matrix." We want to teach you how to enjoy your food without the need for packaged and processed goods - you can and should incorporate seasonings and sauces with no artificial ingredients - there are recommendations provided in the "Sauce up your Meal Prep" section.

4. Eliminate added sugars

You can obtain this point by avoiding artificial sugar and added sources that have a significant impact on blood sugar such as honey and maple syrup. Whether you would like to consume fruit and natural, plant-based sweeteners is up to you. If you are a hard core sugar addict, you might benefit from eliminating all sources of sugar from your diet for 30 days. Sugar is highly addictive, so you may need to go cold turkey to truly feel the difference in your body - the stabilization of your blood sugar will impact everything from food cravings, energy, sleep, mood, recovery, inflammation, body fat and more. If this route isn't for you, consuming 1-2 pieces of lower glycemic fruit per day is a great option. Fruit contains beneficial vitamins + minerals, plus the accompanying fibre slows down the release of glucose. You can find a list of lower glycemic options in the "Shopping List" guide. Although natural, plant-based sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit may not have a substantial effect on blood sugar, these extracts are extremely sweet and can trick the body into more cravings, so we challenge you to eliminate these sources as well if cravings are an issue for you.

5. Avoid alcohol

You can obtain this point by saying no to booze! Alcohol not only contains sugar, but it also has an effect on your body far beyond the empty calories and blood sugar rise. Your body stops all processes such as converting food into energy (rather than being stored as fat) and muscle recovery to metabolize alcohol. Alcohol also impacts your hormones (and cravings!) by decreasing testosterone production, sleep quality and more.

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