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Basic AF Weeknight Dinners

When you eat the same thing over and over it starts to lose its appeal which leads to lower satiety levels. This is known as a sensory-specific response. Meaning if you are eating the same meals day in and day out, you experience the same taste over and over, and you start to get less pleasure from it. This happens more with nutrient dense meals aligning with your goals because junk food is designed to avoid this sensory-specific response by their sugar/salt, fat, carb breakdown. So I try to choose at least one new protein to add into the meal prep mix each week to avoid food boredom.

Last week I grabbed this oven roast and it turned out amazing for everything from roast beef dinners with roasted veg to meat for sandwiches and salads all week.

The prep is super simple - just spray with avo oil and season generously with your favourite meat rub (I love this one from @naturesfaremarkets) and make a few slits to add cloves of garlic throughout.

This weighed 2.6lbs s so I cooked it at 375 for just over an hour for a medium rare roast in the air fryer.

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