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Corrine lost 15lbs in 12 weeks without ever feeling deprived…

Corrine started the SnS Method with the goal of fat loss. She wanted to lose 12lbs but she also wanted to learn how to sustain those results for the rest of her life WITHOUT the use of restrictive diets. She knew that if she eliminated carbohydrates, she could lose some weight, but she wasn’t interested in another fad diet with short lived results. She decided to invest in the SnS Method to commit to the learning process to gain confidence in her food choices and remove the guilt she experienced with yo-yo diet culture.

But let’s be clear - while the weight loss did take place over a 12 week cut, her transformation did NOT happen in 12 weeks. Corrine spent 12 weeks learning how to create a lifestyle that aligned with her goals in the SnS Group Coaching Program. Throughout this program she prioritized consistently eating enough to match her activity output while learning all the lifestyle tools that would help her correct metabolic adaptation and optimize hormonal imbalances that occurred through years of living in intentional or unintentional caloric deficits.

After 12 weeks of eating at her maintenance calories, her metabolism and hormones were primed to experience the desired fat loss WITHOUT the use of aggressive caloric deficits or extreme exercise protocols, so she started a cut with the 1 on 1 coaching process. By monitoring her biofeedback markers and adjusting her program accordingly each week, she ended up losing MORE weight than she had hoped for with a 15lbs drop over the 12 week cut.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 9 months on the SnS Method, I am constantly impressed with the thorough response and follow up to each cohort post, cohort videos, one on one check ins, etc.I have been provided the tools to be successful and the knowledge that I have gained in regards to overall health is incredible.

Committing to the SnS method has been the best decision this past year. Not only has the program provided me the tools to be more confident (in food choices and in my body), I am more body aware than ever and have prioritized myself (mama of two busy young boys) for the first time in over 6 years. It feels fantastic knowing that I have the knowledge to make decisions that align with my goals, but also to be able to give myself grace when things might not go as planned.

The SnS method has put all the pieces of the (nutrition) puzzle together in a way that makes sense and I’m so grateful for the guidance that has exceeded all my expectations!”

Her favourite part of the program was learning that she could achieve her goals, while being able to eat (a lot of) good, tasty food! She said that there was nothing about the program or experience that she would change and that she recommends the SnS method to numerous people daily, even just this morning!

If you are sick of yo-yo dieting and want to learn how to achieve results that you can actually sustain for the rest of your life, email back to join the waitlist for the next Group Coaching Cohort launching in September.

Limited spots available - learn more here:

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