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After spending most of her life on failed fad diets, Kaitlin lost 20lbs on the SnS Method

After spending most of her life on failed fad diet attempts like keto and intermittent fasting, Kaitlin went all in on the SnS Method to lose over 20lbs while learning that she could eat good food, enjoy life AND see results! Her only regret was wishing she had started the SnS method sooner.

“Originally I wanted a meal plan as I was getting married 8 months later, but when I asked Sharan, she told me she doesn't do meal plans... So I said ok, let's do whatever it is you do…”

Kaitlin described her experience as amazing, but also difficult: “I signed up for way more than I was expecting to. Way more work, but also way more information and way more satisfying reward. I hadn't realized until I got into it that it was so much more than just what to eat. The SnS Method addresses basically all aspects of your life and lifestyle and how all things are connected and affect things like your body composition and overall health.

My favorite part is learning so much about my body. When you're so used to feeling bleh, you don't notice it. Once you start feeling good, it's so easy to tell on the days you don't feel good. So easy to notice how certain foods affect your body and you get really in tune with yourself and how your body works.

While it's a slower process when it comes to results, it's actually sustainable! I just wish I would have started sooner! In terms of timing for my wedding, and for life in general. Spending so much of my life on fad diets like keto or intermittent fasting etc, with no result and so much frustration. I wish I knew that I could eat real food and not have food guilt and still get results. So much knowledge! Not just about food and exercise, but learning how the body functions and so much information to take with you for the rest of your life, not just the duration of the program.

I love working with Sharan. She's so much more than a nutrition/health coach. She's basically a therapist. I would legitimately cry 99% of the time when reading my feedback each week. There are no generic responses that could cover anyone, it's very specific. She listens, she encourages. Even when I wouldn't execute my goals or track my meals, the responses were never critical, she always went deeper and always cared. I feel like we are actually very close friends, even though it's all virtual, I felt a much deeper connection than I've ever felt with any trainer or coach before. She truly cares for her clients and isn't willing to take the easy way of getting fast results, she puts the time and energy into really individualizing things for her clients. Love her and the SnS Method!”

-Kaitlin Hargreaves

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