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CrossFit Open 17.3 Strategy


Eat as many samosas as possible in hopes of PR'ing your Snatch... In all seriousness though, the day before you attempt this workout, ensure you are eating enough calories for your body. Don't skimp on the starchy carbohydrates - i'm talking about the good, slow-digesting low GI stuff like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and quinoa. 

3-4 hours before the workout eat a well balanced meal of protein, carbs and fat. For example a breakfast of eggs, potatoes and a side of bacon or avocado would be perfect. 

30-60 minutes before the workout, I would sip on a caffeinated protein shake with some sugar free carbohydrate powder. My favourite shake pre-WOD is 1 scoop of Paleoethics Super Serum + 1 cup cold brew coffee + 1 scoop of Generation UCan Super Starch + 1 cup of Vanilla Cashew Milk. If you don't feel hungry or aren't used to drinking caffeine before workouts, I would recommend a scoop of Paleoethics Surge mixed into your water bottle. Surge doesn't contain any caffeine or processed additives, so you won't experience any anxiety, jitters or energy crashes that accompanies most pre-workout blends. 

Post-workout you want to get that 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein that we talked about in earlier posts. Whether it's in whole, unprocessed food form or a shake, get it in within 30 minutes of attempting this workout so that you can repair those hard worked muscles in time for your next workout or attempt at 17.3.


Snatch: Wear your oly shoes. Warm up your hips and ankles a lot to be able to receive barbell in a full squat position. The jumps are big so in warm up work up to 80-90% of your 1RM. All singles on the snatches. This workout is not won in the first round and touch and go will gas you a lot more. Know your body don't miss a Snatch you know you can make; there is too much time wasted waiting to take the next rep so just hold out and wait a few more seconds if you think you're not ready. With the lighter snatches, practice perfect mechanics. If you don't, your body won't have time to adjust to the perfect bar path in time for the heavier snatches. Make sure you have someone to load the weights for you. If you know it's impossible for you to make the next weight of a Snatch, move fast in prior rounds because your tie break score is going to be crucial. 

Chest to Bar Pull-ups: If you struggle with grip being an issue, break up the pull-ups from the first round. Quick singles if you need to. The workout is not won on the pull-ups. Set your pull-up bar at a height where you don't have to jump high to get the bar as this will increase your heart rate too much. Set up plates underneath the bar if necessary. Wear grips to save your hands. 

Good luck everyone!
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