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Date Night In

We’ve been getting pretty adventurous with our date night’s in during quarantine and these homemade poke bowls were one of the easiest, most satisfying meals we've ever created.

Build your base with rice, cauliflower rice or a bed of greens.

Marinate sushi grade ahi tuna in coconut aminos, ponzu sauce, fresh grated garlic and sesame oil. We found this flash frozen ahi tuna at a speciality seafood store downtown Vancouver, but most seafood stores and even the meat section at regular grocery stores carry it. I always opt for flash frozen over fresh, as you never know how long it's been sitting in the display case...

Add fresh or pickled vegetables of choice (we did kimchi, pickled cucumber and red onions). You can also add fresh fruit like mango or pineapple.

We fried up fresh chopped garlic cloves in avocado oil (great for high heat cooking) for 3-5 mins and let cool. Many packaged products like roasted garlic use inflammatory seed oils so I definitely prefer making my own.

Check out this link to make quick pickled vegetables:

We also topped with pickled ginger (you can buy this at Nature's Fare or Choice's Market).

We bought seaweed salad from Taka's Sushi (#SupportLocal).

Lastly, drizzle generously with SnS Sriracha Lime Mayo. I make a big batch each week with:

1/2 bottle organic sriracha (also available at Nature's Fare or Choice's)

1 cup raw cashews

6 freshly squeezed limes

Dash of coconut aminos

1/2 cup-1 cup of water depending on how spicy you like it

Blend in Vitamix (or another high power blender) until creamy. Add more water until you reach desired consistency.

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