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DNA Testing

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Part 1: DNA Testing with @dnapowerinc 

DNA testing is valuable for so many reasons. If we can understand our genetic makeup, we can make adjustments to our lifestyle in order to live our best life. Not only can genetic testing improve the overall quality of our lives, we can also customize our diet and training in order to get the most optimal results for our unique bodies. Genetic testing can cover a wide array of data from what macronutrients our body digests better, how susceptible we are to certain diseases/health conditions/ligament or tendon injuries, whether you are  naturally wired to be a better endurance athlete or power athlete, how well you absorb vitamins and minerals and much much more.

That being said, it is also important to understand that genetics are NOT everything. 

Even if the results indicate a certain condition, the gene could be dormant your entire life depending on your lifestyle habits. So while it is important to learn about your unique body and what you can do to live the highest quality of life, keep in mind that some of the data may never actually show, or it may unveil itself later in life depending on lifestyle factors.

 I’m going to be sharing my personal results through genetic testing, as well as the plan of action I am going to take upon analyzing these results in order to live the best possible version of my life. One of the main reasons that I am sharing my personal journey is because I want people to understand that diet and exercise aren’t everything. You can follow an exercise program to a tee and eat to nail your macros 100% every single day, however, if you’re missing out on major lifestyle factors which are disrupting your hormones, you will NOT see great results. This past year, I’ve let go of diligently tracking my food intake and focused on improving lifestyle habits and have seen amazing changes in my training, energy, mood and body composition. Without changing the amount of food I’m eating (still over 2000cals/day), I have less inflammation, less bloating, faster recovery, more energy and am the strongest I have ever been. I am excited to see the progress I can make after analyzing my DNA test results!

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