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17.1 Nutrition & Strategy


It's finally here! To finish 17.1 under the 20 min time cap, you are going to have to burn through your

glycogen stores. Come to this workout hydrated, because you won't have much time for water breaks between all those dumbbell snatches and burpee box jump overs. 

If you're working out the day before you attempt 17.1, ensure that you are getting at least a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein so that you're adequately recovered. For example, 1 scoop of Paleoethics Super Serum Protein (18g protein) mixed with 1 banana (27g carbs) and 1/4 cup of oats (16g carbs) would make a perfect post workout shake. 

If you are attempting this workout first thing in the morning, I would wake up early to ensure that you have digested your pre-workout meal. If you have trouble digesting food this early or close to your workout, try mixing a sugar free carbohydrate supplement into a protein shake, as this will be the quickest to digest. The reason why I suggest a carb supplement over whole food is because the lack of fibre won't cause digestive upset during the workout.

BCAAs and electrolytes in your water bottle are always a good idea during the workout. BCAA's act as a direct source of energy for your muscles and work via the brain to delay fatigue. Electrolytes will support muscle and nerve function and prevent muscle cramps caused by a loss of electrolytes through sweat. 

Post-workout you want to refuel within 30 mins with that same 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein, either in the form of a shake (if that's convenient), or whole foods. A good example here would be 4oz of chicken breast (31g protein) and a cup or cooked white rice (53g carbs), maybe adding in a side of baked sweet potato so you get a good mix of fast and slow digesting carbs to replenish glycogen stores post workout, reduce cortisol levels and enhance recovery for the next Open workout!


Snatches: the most important thing is to keep integrity of this movement. We need to use hips to drive the movement up and not just the upper body and lower back. If you love your back please keep it from rounding and always keep your shoulders higher than your hips in the bottom position. 

Pace: keep a steady pace on the snatches and treat this wod as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Burpees: Keep a steady pace and don't stop moving. I also would use a step up method for the Burpee to keep your heart rate down.

Have fun and good luck. There is not much more I can say but pace yourself and keep a good position for the snatch so your back doesn't exploded.

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