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Say NO to boring salads

Newsflash: 200 calorie salads DO taste gross and should NOT keep you full for more than an hour.. try adding nutrient dense sources of protein, carbs and healthy fats to add flavour and satiety to your next salad to start enjoying raw vegetables again.

Here’s what I did 👇🏽

1 head of kale and romaine dressed in the @ohsheglows vegan Caesar salad dressing. I added a bit of anchovy paste to this for the authentic Caesar flavour (and nutritional benefits). Double the recipe and jar it to make quick repeats throughout the week.

@trulocal chicken tenders “breaded” in a mixture of @onedegreeorganics rice puffs, flax seeds, onion powder, garlic powder, dill, salt and pepper (pulsed in the VitaMix to create a breading consistency). Sprayed with avo oil and air fried at 400 for 16 mins.

Then I took the extra “breading” and pan friend it to top the salad with a breadcrumb consistency, vegan parm, and pickled red onions. To increase the starchy carb content you can serve with a side of buttery sourdough or add roasted chickpeas.

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