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SnS Gyros

Craving a gyro, minus the mystery meat? Try out this SnS twist for a basic AF dinner tonight 👇🏽

Bakestone brothers pita (I am very picky about most packaged bread products since majority include inflammatory oils or soy - don’t go for the “low carb” “high protein” options as they sub in poor quality ingredients)

Slather in hummus, then add

-Shredded instant pot chuck roast cooked in Greek seasoning


-Grape tomatoes

-Romaine lettuce

-Pickled red onions

@spreadem_kitchen garlic tzatziki sauce mixed with a little water to drizzle

Air fryer fries soaked in water for 30 mins, dried very well and then seasoned with lots of avo oil, salt, pepper, garlic cooked at 425 for 40 mins.

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