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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

"Since I retired from swimming in 2012 I struggled with my body composition. My relationship with food was not good.

I ended up hiring a couple of online nutritionists, who did some damage with my metabolism, to the point that at 173lbs and eating around 1300 calories I was maintaining if not gaining weight. 

I started working with Sharan in April 2015 and right away I felt reassured by her level of education. Instead of just putting me on a macro plan like in the past she explained to me why and talked through what my fitness goals are/were. After just 2 short weeks I was already down to 168lbs.

In the past 8 months through Sharan's guidance I have increased my calories, and instead of being afraid of carbs as causing weight gain, instead see them as a way for me to increase my strength. She has helped me correct my metabolism damage so that I can continue to increase my caloric intake while still losing weight. Not only that, but she helped me cut down for numerous Olympic Weightlifting competitions without losing any strength (maybe even gaining some) during the process. 

Sharan has helped me become stronger and fuel my body to become stronger as well. Instead of looking at food as a weight gaining tool, I can now look at it as a way to build strength. Thank you Sharan for that you have done!"

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