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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

#FlexFriday goes out to my client Caitlin Larry whose been working with us for 2 months now.

Caitlin "After" 2 months

Prior to starting with Snatches & Samosas, she was eating a healthy diet and training hard with CrossFit classes 5-6, but she wasn't seeing the results she wanted. Her goals were to lean out enough to see visible muscle definition and continue to develop strength in order to hit PR's in all her lifting.

Caitlin "before" Snatches & Samosas

Since May we have increased her baseline caloric intake while utilizing carb cycling to maintain and build muscle while losing body fat. Caitlin has lost 6lbs and PR'ed all her lifts while maintaining enough energy to work on her feet all day as a full time nurse at the hospital! Not to mention that mean 6 pack coming through!

After another month of focusing on losing body fat while maintaining strength to achieve her optimal body composition, we will start to build up a caloric surplus to gain lean muscle mass and add some size to this tiny and cute frame. 

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