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Asha started the SnS method over a year ago with the goals of optimizing her health after engaging in restrictive diet and exercise behaviours as an ex-bikini competitior. She was ready to commit to prioritizing her health and repairing the metabolic adaptation and hormone down regulation that was standing in the way of enjoying life. After a year of dedication and daily self reflections with our thought provoking check in's to help her understand the WHY behind her goals of reaching a certain a body weight, she stated that her new goal with the SnS program is no longer to reach a certain a body weight, but to LOOK and FEEL strong! This is such a powerful message as these mindsets have been ingrained in us over a lifetime and take consistent effort over a long period of time to reframe in order to develop a healthier relationship with food, exercise and our body. We're so proud of your dedication to the SnS Program Asha!

"1 year ago, I started working with @snatchesandsamosas to repair my hormones after competing, and this journey changed my life!

Starting at 123 lbs

*Working out and doing cardio obsessively 6-7 days a week 

*In a caloric deficit

*Felt like I was constantly depriving myself

*Continuously physically and mentally stressed

Now at 111 lbs 

*Working out 5 days a week, no cardio and incorporating NEAT movement

*Not being in a caloric deficit and eating whole foods, cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten

*Having occasional treats and making better choices while eating out

*Focusing on mindset, nutrition timing, energy, digestion, satiety, sleep, recovery and stress management  

Thank you @snatchesandsamosas for teaching me that your hormones are more powerful than any fitness or nutrition plan!"

-Asha Panchal


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