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“If you are thinking about getting a nutritionist/coach I highly recommend Sharan. I started with her 6 months ago at 10 months postpartum with my second child ready to get back mentally and physically in shape. I love that she is not just giving out macros but stresses how important it is to focus on the types of food we eat and the affects they have on our body. She is a great teacher to her clients and I can’t wait to keep up the body composition and knowledge gains!”

We are so proud of Lindsay’s dedication to her health and fitness! She came to SnS with the goal of optimizing body composition after giving birth - after our initial intake, we educated her on the importance of staying within a safe caloric range for optimal hormone production and breast milk. Too many women jump into a massive caloric deficit postpartum in an effort to lose the excess body fat without taking these factors into consideration. By focusing on her health with a smart diet and exercise plan, Lindsay was able to optimize her hormones, build muscle mass and lose body fat without starving herself. Her 6 month progress picture speaks for itself!

September 2018 - before SnS

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