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Postpartum Progress

Katie Greene first started the SnS method in 2018 with the goals of optimizing body composition and performance as a CrossFit athlete. She not only reached her body composition goals while building strength throughout the process, but finished her 1-on-1 coaching experience weighing 10lbs less and eating more calories then when she started the program! Read more about her experience and success with those goals at

She then reached out out one month after giving birth to her beautiful baby in April 2020 with goals to optimize her body composition again. Many women make the mistake of rushing the postpartum weight loss process, which digs them into a hormonal storm that negatively impacts everything from milk production to energy, making it impossible to reach their long term health, fitness and body composition on top of all those sleepless nights. With her past experience on the SnS Method, Katie invested 100% trust in the program and when we finally did allow her to work on body composition, she was able to reach her pre-pregnancy weight in 12 weeks of a strategic cutting program, followed by a reverse diet to again get her intake back up to consuming just as much food as she was before baby!

Read about her experience below:

"I had a baby in March of 2020.  I have been very active for several years, and was able to continue to do so during my pregnancy.  I have also been invested in utilizing nutrition to support my health and fitness goals.  After birth, with all of the changes that my body had gone through, I wanted to consult Sharan to get back to the body composition that I had worked so diligently to achieve pre-pregnancy.  This was my second time working with Sharan in the past couple of years.  The first time, I worked with her one-on-one to achieve various fitness and body composition goals, and this time around, based on what I learned the first time with intensive support, I felt that I could take the profile that she planned for me and coach myself.  

The first time that I contacted her was around one month postpartum, and I mentioned that I was interested in a macro profile to safely support fat loss while breast-feeding.  I was keen to get started, as I didn't really feel comfortable in my own body with all the changes related to pregnancy. 

Sharan recommended that I wait until at least 3 months postpartum to focus on this goal, so my hormones would have time to regulate after birth, and that my milk production would have time to be well-established.  In the interim, she created a macro profile to maintain my current weight and to ensure adequate nutrition to support breastfeeding. 

The waiting until my body is ready to cut really had been tough in the past and was tough again this time around.  While I was feeling uncomfortable and impatient, I knew that there was a reason she told me to wait, and it would benefit me in the long run (as it had in the past). 

By the time that I reached 3 months, I reached out to Sharan again to update her on my recovery, and to see if she thought that I was ready to start working towards a fat loss goal.  At this point, she assessed where I was at, and said that she felt like my body was ready to proceed with a cut, so she created a tiered profile for me to follow to help achieve my desired body composition.  Over the course of the next 3 months, I closely followed her plan while making adjustments based on her recommendations. (With that said, I did still enjoy a few meals out off of the plan, and it didn't adversely affect my progress.)

Throughout the cut, as it was gradual, I still was able to workout 4-5 days/week, maintain my milk production for breastfeeding, and maintain my energy levels.  By the end of the 3 month period, I reached my body composition goals, and I'm now following Sharan's plan for reverse dieting to work back towards maintenance.  I'm feeling great about how my body moves and looks, and how I accomplished that without affecting my ability to breastfeed.  

You go through so many changes throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and there are so many factors out of your control, so it was great for me to be able to use periodized nutritional goals to achieve my goals.  I am so happy that I contacted Sharan to help me work through this process, and that I trusted her knowledge and plan as I had in the past.  


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