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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

"I had a goal to reach for one of the most important days in my life, which was my wedding day. I gave myself 2 months or so to reach it. I had been working out consistently yet my diet was lacking which I knew I needed some guidance and that's where Sharan came in.

To be honest, I was expecting someone to tell me what to eat and when it eat it. Yet it was quite the opposite and it me taught me how important it was to log in your food so that you're able to see the numbers of what you're in-taking and it was an eye-opener. Sharan guided me with the right amount of macros for my body etc and cut it down to where I needed to be to reach my goal. I just wanted to feel better and go a size down physically.

I didn't have a number weight goal but I did lose about 12lbs. Our weekly check-ins are probably my favourite this to do as it held me liable for what I've been eating that week. Some weeks were good and some weeks were not but I came out of it with Sharan's motivational words and advice. Thank you again Sharan for helping me reach my goal!"

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