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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

"I have been a competitive weightlifter on and off since 1999 and my nutrition has always been an issue.

I had been eating “clean” for the last 5 or 6 years, had lost a bunch of weight, lifting at a national level but always felt deep down something wasn’t right or something was missing. I had unknowingly been under eating for awhile but I was making weight and winning medals so I ignored how I was feeling.

After suffering an injury, I tried to come back with the same type of eating habits and training load and my body was not responding. I was tired, weak and miserable and thinking about retiring from weightlifting. I contacted Sharan 6 weeks out of a competition not really knowing what to expect but hoped anything would help.

She immediately started increasing my calories and there was instantly a change. I was slowly losing weight but was getting stronger every week. 6 weeks later I had lost over 2kgs, added 10-15kgs in my lifts and had one of my best competitions ever hitting pr or near pr numbers. 

This past 6 weeks I have really learnt the importance of fuelling my body properly and my desired weight class probably isn’t healthiest decision. Sharan is amazing and I’m very excited to see the results of working with her long term."

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