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When Joey first signed up at CrossFit Semiahmoo, we nicknamed him "JBC" because he ate a Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger every day and his tag line was "I'm just a dad." After working with us for over a year, he has not only transformed into one of the fittest members at our facility, but also proved that he is one of the fittest athletes in this region after placing 57th in the 2017 CrossFit Open! Read his story below. 

"Since Joining Semiahmoo Athletic Club 2 years ago, my outlook on training has changed drastically. I still only workout 1 hour a day roughly 5 times a week, but adjustments regarding my eating habits have garnered huge results. I never thought I could have a very cut physique and always thought I was destined to be the “stocky” guy who had abs when flexing extremely hard under the right lighting. After watching many other members including my wife Teal have huge results with Sharan’s Nutrition Plans, I decided to try and follow suit. Making the changes were simple and easy to follow. I was now substituting Wendy’s Hamburgers post WOD with Chicken Breast, Sweet potato and Broccoli. Instead of carb loading on chips at night, I chose oatmeal peanut butter and blueberries. After only 2 weeks doing this I dropped 10 pounds and have been able to keep the weight off while still increasing my strength and fitness. I still enjoy burgers and beers on the weekend and the occasional night of chip bingeing but I now have a healthy balance. Sticking with this has helped me personally and professionally. Training is crucial to my sanity and my diet is crucial in my recovery and long term health. Thanks to you and Joe I am living a happy and healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to give crossfit too much credit because I feel like our gym's “community” and the people have all helped Teal and I since we’ve joined your gym. Thanks very much." 

-Joey Jaheny  

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